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Black Kitchens

We have blacks and darker tones such as anthracite that are perfect for creating a bespoke, premium looking kitchen...

Do you like this one in the background? it's the Segreto in Matt Black 

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Our Shades of Black

Black is available in four different finishes as well and over 50 styles of door. There are two levels of gloss available with the Ultragloss, providing highest level of sheen. These doors are unique and appear to have a layer of glass built into to the colour. Ultragloss is perfect for creating the ultra modern look or high-end designer look. 

Next in line is our high gloss range, this range reduces the reflectiveness and looses the glass look while still offering a high amount of sheen.

Then it's our matt range, choose this if you are looking for a sophisticated dull finish. Matt black kitchens can look incredible and can quite easily project the German bespoke kitchen feel. With the right accessories and appliances a matt black kitchen can look far more expensive than its actual cost.

The final finish in our range is Supermatt, as the name suggests it is the least reflective finish and offers the deepest colour profile. Using kitchen doors in this shade allows other elements such as the worktop, handles and taps to take centre stage.  

Ultragloss Blacks

Gloss Blacks, Matt Blacks and Dark Shades

Black Kitchen Styles

Below are some examples of our kitchen door styles in the range of black tones. The name of the door style is shown first then the colour name. If you don't see your favourite door style in your preferred colour don't worry, we can make this for you as either a complete new kitchen or a replacement door makeover. If you are open to other colours and are looking for a dark kitchen with a moody feel, be sure to look at the darker shades of blue and grey kitchens. 

Dark Coloured Kitchens

Two Tone Black & Dark Coloured Kitchens

Black Kitchen Ideas

Dark, moody, sophisticated and chic, a black themed kitchen can be one or all of these styles depending on how you finish and accessorise the rest of the space. 

First decide on what look and feel you are trying to create, its a good idea to make sure this suits the rest of your home and the age of the property. Then choose a door style, this should build on the colour and compliment the age and type of home you live in. 

Two Tone Black Kitchens

Black is very easy to use for a two tone kitchen and can serve as a canvass that allows brighter shades to really pop or as the darker element in a monochrome kitchen. 

Black over Black

Using two different shades of black can be a tricky, they need to be different enough to avoid looking like you have tried to match colours but failed. Instead try using a black along with a a dark textured door such as the stone graphite or Slatewood grey. The textured door is obviously very different and achieves the same two tone dark theme.

Blacks with Neutrals

Grey and black works really well together, use the black for the base units and the grey for the wall units. The black shade will ground the room and the grey wall units will blend into neutral décor and improve the feeling of space. 

Blacks and dark tones also look great on banks of larder units. A neutral colour for the island will take centre stage while the other units blend into the décor as shown in the picture below. A third colour (copper) is brought into this scheme via inrails which provide a striking contrast against the dark graphite kitchen unit doors.

two tone black kitchen

Blacks with colours

If you are looking to make a statement a bold colour against black can do just that. Consider using black for the bulk of the units and end panels while pairing with a coloured door. Matt black works well with pastel shades and blush pinks to create a quirky kitchen with personality. If that sounds a little brave why not try working your favourite colour in to the scheme via the kitchen splashback which is more easily changed at a later date. Modern alloy splash backs are available in an extended range of colours and patterns

Worktops for Black kitchens

The choice of worktop can make or break a black kitchen and you should always see your preferred combination of colours in the flesh. For example pairing a black door with a white quartz worktop would create a very chic monochrome look and feel. Whereas the same black door with a black Laurent Marble Ultramatt worktop would look subdued and understated. Here is our quick guide on how to pair black kitchens with worktop colours to create specific styles. Our designer can recreate any of these styles for you to see first hand at your local showroom, which is the best way to choose your combination of door and worktop.

  • Light Stone - Using marbles and quartz in lighter shades creates a high amount of contrast against the black doors. Use plainer whites to create a monochrome look and veined marbles to add a touch of opulence.  
  • Dark Stone - This combination can create a very minimalist or German high-end expensive looking kitchen if you pair matt black doors with dark matt worktops. Alternatively a gloss black door with a quartz top that has a high amount of sparkle would look very glam. Worktop thickness can also affect the look, use ultra compact 12mm or the thin 22mm/28mm laminates to create the minimalist look. Avoid the 38mm post formed worktops as they rarely look good in a black and dark themed kitchen.
  • Wood - Genuine hardwoods and laminate effect worktops work equally well with black kitchen cabinets. Thickness of the tops will make a negligible difference which leaves this style open to the budget friendly thicker laminate worktops. When using genuine hardwood worktops consider the finish may alter depending on what stain or wood treatment you use. Osmo oils are highly regarded and create a permanent wet look with the additional benefit of protecting your worktops from water and stains. Use lighter tones such as oak for modern homes and darker shades like walnut for older homes. 

Styling a Black Kitchen

Here we look at colours for the finishing touches like appliances, handles, sinks, and taps. Although items like handles are one of the cheapest kitchen components, they are one that you interact with most often. Be sure to consider the colour of these as well and the ergonomics and tactility  


Black and Gold kitchens ooze class and feel very luxurious, handles and taps almost become jewellery and are worthy of significant investment. The shine of gold stands out against the dark background and creates a kitchen that looks expensive. For maximum effect choose handles that include some detail such as knurling and a tap that screams look at me.


On the surface brass seems very similar to gold. However, it is arguably a better choice for period homes as it's use better reflects the age of the property. Brass handles and taps are trending at the moment and manufacturers are working this colour into their ranges as the trend grows. When choosing ovens, coffee machines and other appliances I would recommend a matt black and avoid stainless steel where possible as this could clash with brass. 


A black kitchen filled with black accessories offers a very subdued feeling and minimalist look. Black appliances will belnd in to the units and for the ultimate understated look opt for a handless door and matt black tap. Manufacturers of appliances, taps, handles and other hardware have expanded their matt black offerings in recent years which makes shopping for this look easy. 


Copper and black kitchens can be created via accessories or with cabinetry detail. Our Zurfiz range shown below can be specified with a contrasting handle rail shown here in copper.  Although copper is no longer considered in vogue there is a great range of taps and handles to match with this theme. For appliances choose matt black if possible as the traditional stainless steel can clash with copper.


Stainless steel and black kitchens or black and chrome kitchens are a very safe choice and easy to buy for. There is no shortage of appliances, hardware or accessories in stainless as it has been the staple material of manufacturers for years. Stainless will also work with any colour or material worktops but avoid using it for the actual worktops. Unless of course you want to create the look of a commercial kitchen which is often where this combination is used. 

Do you need further help or advice creating your kitchens colour theme, get started with a free design appointment at your local showroom. 

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