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Cream Kitchens

With 15 shades of cream and 50+ styles of door we can create your dream cream kitchen...

Do you like this one in the background? it's the Firbeck in Supermatt Cashmere. 

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Our Shades of Cream

Our range of creams are available in a number of different finishes as well as door styles. The Ultragloss, as the name suggests, is the highest level of sheen. These doors look like they are finished with a layer of glass and are perfect for creating the ultra modern and high-end look. 

Next in line is our high gloss range, this range dials the reflectiveness down while still offering a finish with sheen. Then it's our matt range which offers a sophisticated dull finish and a deep colour profile. Lastly our Supermatt range is the least reflective finish and is perfect for a contemporary or period look.

Ultragloss Creams

Gloss & Matt Creams

Cream Kitchen Styles

Below are some examples of our kitchen styles shown in our range of cream colours. Most of the range of kitchen door styles are available in the full range of colours, so if you don't see your favourite style in the perfect shade don't worry. We can have this made for you as either a complete new kitchen or a replacement door makeover.

Two Tone Kitchens Incorporating Cream

Cream Kitchen Design Ideas

Creams are a neutral colour and very easy to work with, below we cover a few ideas and how to style other aspects of your cream kitchen.

Two Tone Cream Kitchens

Cream is a great colour to create a two tone kitchen when used for the high level wall cupboard cabinets and paired with a darker shade for the base units. The darker colour grounds the room and provides an opportunity to be a little bold with an on trend blue or green. Alternatively for a more subtle two tone look a light grey looks great when used on a kitchen island. When creating a two tone kitchen its best to match the finish and tone of both sets of doors. We recommend visiting our showroom where you can see the door choices side by side and speak to our designer about how to pair the colours in our range.

Worktops for cream kitchens

The choice of worktop is the second largest influence, after door style, that affects the overall look of your kitchen. For example pairing a cream door with a walnut butchers block would create a very traditional look and feel. Here is our quick guide on how to pair cream kitchens with different worktop colours to create specific styles. Our showroom can recreate any of these styles for you to see first hand which is the best way to choose your combination of door and worktop.

  • Light Stone - Using a light stone such as quartz does not create a lot of contrast against the cream doors and can look a little bland. However, when paired with high contrast sinks, taps and handles this can look incredible.  
  • Dark Stone - Blacks and Dark Greys offer a contrast and classy finish against the cream doors which look timeless
  • Wood - Whether its a wood effect laminate or a genuine hardwood worktop this look always seems to work best with the darker and warmer tones.

Styling a Cream Kitchen

Here we look at colours for the finishing touches and consider sinks, handles and appliances.


Using gold with the more subtle creams can create a very elegant looking kitchen. This really works as a colour scheme when the worktop is also a light shade and provides a neutral canvass for features such as the tap and handles really stand out.


Black and cream instantly sways to a very traditional look and feel which should also be reflected in your choice of door style. With a wooden worktop and chunky handles you can easily create an industrial style kitchen.


While it is hard to avoid some appliances being finished in stainless steel, other items like the sink, taps and handles should be given a miss. While stainless has been the go to material for many years, modern manufacturing has opening up a wider colour palette that better suits cream kitchens.


White is a great colour when used for Belfast sinks and an off white for decoration or tiling should work fine. But, take care when choosing for features like handles or taps as white will rarely look right.  

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