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With 10 shades of green and 50+ styles of door we can create your dream green kitchen...

Do you like this one in the background? it's the Hadley in Sage Green. 

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Our Shades of Green

Our range of greens are available in a number of different matt finishes and door designs. The matt range offers a sophisticated dull finish and a deep colour profile that really suits green. For the deepest colour, choose the Supermatt range. This is the least reflective finish and is perfect for a contemporary or period looking kitchen. 

Greens in gloss finish can be hard to work and live with and are not represented in our standard range. However, we can supply a paintable door which can be finished on site with a gloss paint in any shade of green you like. 

Finally, we have included a metallic blue in the swatch sample below because it has hints of green to it. This colour is part of our Ultragloss range and looks like it is finished with a layer of glass. If you are looking to create a kitchen with the wow factor and love the gloss look, this is the door for you.

Matt Finish Greens

Gloss Finish Greens

Green Kitchen Styles

Below are some examples of our kitchen styles shown in our range of green colours. Most of the range of kitchen door styles are available in our complete palette of green colours. So, if you don't see your favourite style in your chosen shade don't worry, we can have this made for you. This applies for completely new kitchen installs and green kitchen makeovers.

Two Tone Kitchens Incorporating Cream

Green Kitchen Design Ideas

The colour Green continue to be on trend and is a popular choice for kitchens in 2024. Light tones such as sage have been joined by darker shades. A stand out colour from our range is the Kombu green which looks great by itself or paired with a sage to create a two tone green on green kitchen. 

Two-Tone Green Kitchens

Choosing green for your kitchen is a little bolder than the safe choices like greys and whites. For those that want to add a splash of colour while remaining somewhat safe with a grey why not consider a two-tone kitchen.

Green pairs really well with greys, and can be used in a number of ways. Dark grey base cabinets ground the room and work well with sage green wall units. Alternatively, a dark green like Fir could be used for the base units and a light grey such as dove for the wall units. 

Two-tone green on green is more of a commitment to the colour scheme and looks fantastic with light worktops. A darker shade, like Kombu or Fir paired with Sage has a really classy feel. Use the lighter Sage green for the wall cupboards and the darker shade for the base units.

Kitchen islands are also an opportunity to use a second colour and create a two-tone kitchen. The palettes of greys and greens we discussed above will work equally as well in this configuration. Your local showroom is equipped with sample doors in our full range of greens which can be arranged to demonstrate potential schemes. Book a free design appointment and start developing your own green theme. 

Worktops for green kitchens

The choice of worktop is the second largest influence, after door style, that affects the overall look of your kitchen. For example, pairing a Sage green door with an oak worktop would create a very traditional or farmhouse look. Whereas, the same Sage green with a white marble and grey veins can look rather opulent, especially when you sprinkle a few gold accessories into the mix.

Here is our quick guide on how to pair green kitchens with different worktop colours to create specific styles.

  • Light Stone - Using a light stone such as marble or quartz offers a bright contrast against the green doors. Dark greens like Fir take on a regal look and are great for period homes. Lighter greens like Sage really suite white worktops and provide a great canvass for the accessories to take centre stage. 
  • Dark Stone - Blacks and Dark Grey worktops dull down the room and are rarely seen together with green. Fir green and other darker shades will lack contrast with dark worktops and leave the space with a feeling that something is lacking. Accessories, sinks and taps all need to be planned and visualised as it can be a challenge to get this right. 
  • Wood - Whether is a genuine oak worktop or laminate effect, mating oak with a Sage green will look great. If you want to create a farmhouse kitchen and love green, this would be our go to recommendation along with a white Belfast sink. Darker woods like Walnut are a rarer sight but equally as impressive. Using polished brass or gold for the taps and handles will complete what is a stunning look.   

Styling a Green Kitchen

Here we look at colours for the finishing touches and consider sinks, handles and appliances.


Polished Brass and Gold are back in fashion for 2024 in a big way. Manufacturers of sinks, taps, handles and accessories have complementing lines readily available. This scheme looks stunning with light stone worktops and is great for modern apartments that need a splash of colour and style. 


Green and Black instantly sways to a more conservative look and feel which should also be reflected in your choice of door style. With a dark wooden worktop and matt black handles you can easily create an industrial or period style kitchen. A black tap is also better suited to a wooden worktop and can look out of place on light stones or invisible on darker stone worktops. 


Design is subjective, but it's hard to make an argument for including stainless steel as part of your green kitchen. At times it may be unavoidable due to the colour range of appliances. But for handles, sinks and taps we would suggest trying a bit harder and working some colour in. It's actually quite difficult to see modern examples of green and stainless colour schemes in magazines or on popular sites like Pinterest, which suggests other designers feel the same. 


White is a great colour to pair with green especially when used for, worktops and splashbacks. A herringbone tile pattern using white in a green kitchen looks incredible. Belfast sinks are omnipresent in white and as mentioned earlier really suit a green kitchen with wooden worktops. Although you need to take care when choosing white for features like handles or taps, another colour will probably look better. 

If you want help developing a colour palette for your kitchen makeover you can book a free design appointment with me. 

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