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Kitchen Handle Styles

Our recently updated range of kitchen handles has been designed in line with the latest styles. Knurled edges, classic cups and on trend T-knobs we have it all. The examples shown below are a small selection from our range, download the brochure with 1 click to see the complete collection.

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Help Choosing Kitchen Handles

Although handles are a very small component, they can have a large impact on the overall look of your kitchen. Therefore, it's worth putting some thought into their selection. Below our expert designer shares his tips for choosing the colour and style of handle. 

Choosing a Colour

When choosing a colour I like to pay attention to two things, the current trends and what works best with your preferred kitchen door colour. The colour of the handles should match with the rest of your theme, and therefore is often made before you even think of handles individually. 

Make sure the colour is an actual match to the other components such as the tap, sometimes what is described as a gold finish can look more like brass and vice a versa. Its best to obtain a sample handle and match it to other important features where possible. 

The finish is just as important as colour and if a brushed finish is selected for taps or appliances then try to continue this theme with you handle selection. 

Choosing a Style

The style of the handles should match the overall design of the kitchen. If you have chosen a high gloss slab door for a kitchen in a modern apartment, then detailed ornate handles would obviously look out of place.


Small and discrete suitable for a range of users and styles of kitchen. Smaller and Smooth finished handles can be hard to grip for some users. Knurled finishes can improve usability and are on trend at the moment. 


Almost as discrete as knobs but with added usability due to there ergonomic shape which is easier to grip with minimal movement of the wrists. Again knurled designs are proving popular adding an element of detail and style. 

Black T-Knob Handle

Cup Handles and Profiles

More suited to traditional kitchens these semi circular handles offer a vintage feel and look great in period homes. Placed centrally on drawers and in the corners of cabinets they do require wrist mobility to grip from the underside. High level cupboards can feel particularly awkward to open and therefore these handles aren't for everyone. 

As a compromise consider using the cup pulls on drawers only and a matching knob on standard doors.  

Bow Handles / D-Style (Pulls)

Versatile handles that can be fitted horizontally or vertically. Pull handles are more use friendly than cups as they can be griped from both side which reduces the need for wrist movement. Ornate designs are available for classic kitchens and period home and are a user friendly alternative to cup handles. 

Bar and T-Bar Handles

Available in a range of lengths and with detailed styling the bar pull is arguably the most user friendly handle available. However, they are not discrete and therefore the style must add something to the theme. Long sleek handles can create a minimalist look with a slab door that works great in modern kitchens.

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