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Choosing a kitchen door

Getting the right style of doors for your kitchen is part personal preference and part matching the age of the building and current interior décor. It’s also a decision that’s worthy of some effort as the typical kitchen will be in place for 15 years.

Read on to learn about door styles, finishes and how to decide on the perfect combination for your kitchen makeover. 

Shaker Kitchen Doors

Known as a timeless design and with a classic appeal, shaker style kitchen doors have so many great variations to choose from. This popular style can add a touch of traditional elegance while still looking fresh and clean. This simple, yet effective look has stood the test of time to be one of the most popular styles we offer.

Shaker doors look great in older properties where they suit the age perfectly. Equally they add warmth, charm and character to modern homes that can sometimes feel a little bland.

It's impossible to recreate this iconic style by wrapping or painting your existing kitchen doors and therefore one of the main reasons people makeover their kitchen.

Hadley sage green shaker door
Hadley green kitchen

The door shown above is the Hadley and an example of a one piece shaker door. For a more traditional design choose the Wilton range shown below. This five piece door mimics the original production by the shakers. Using sides known as stiles with top rails and a centre panel the shakers formed their timeless and self named door design. 

Wilton Oakgrain Cashmere Kitchen

Handless Kitchen Doors

These sleek and modern kitchen doors, offer a seamless and clean look that is perfect for those who desire a contemporary kitchen. It’s also a big bonus for those seeking an ‘easy to keep clean kitchen door’, because the handless design means there’s no need for a traditional handle to be fitted.

jayline handless door

Slab Kitchen Doors

With its minimalist look and totally flat design, this type of door allows those wanting clean, fresh lines in their kitchen to really achieve the look they’re after. If it’s simple and sophisticated kitchen you have in mind, then this is the door for you. Now you only need to choose a handle to compliment the look.

Firbeck door in cashmere
Cashmere Cream Kitchen

Choosing a door finish

When we discuss the finish, we are talking about the level of gloss and not the colour, which is a separate decision. Door finishes range from very dull matt to a high almost glass like gloss. The finish you opt for can be based purely on the aesthetics you prefer or you can include practicality as part of the process.

Matt Doors

For those looking for a more understated and subtle finish, matt kitchen doors offer a smooth sophisticated finish that is both versatile and stylish. The range of colours available with a matt finish is extensive and we have literally hundreds to choose from in our new purpose-built showroom.

Matt finishes offer a deeper colour profile than gloss doors which really suits older period properties. However, some matt doors can show fingerprints and need regular cleaning to look their best. The choice of handle can minimise the inevitable finger marks and conversely a handle less door will require regular cleaning of finger prints.

sample of cream and white door finishes

Gloss Doors

Gloss or even high gloss doors as they are sometimes known, offer a touch of luxury and contemporary flair to your space. We can provide a range of sample colours to perfectly suit your taste and offer expert advice to get the very best colour and finish to make your kitchen reach its true potential. Gloss has always had the effect of reflecting more light in a room, so it has always been a favourite with those looking to brighten up their kitchen space.

Gloss doors seem to work best in more modern homes and apartments where their sleek finish matches the architecture of the buildings themselves. That being said they can also add a wow factor and contrast to an older property that requires a talking point.

Is one style or finish better quality than the others?

All our doors are quality products made here in the UK with a minimum of 6 years guarantee. Some of our doors are slightly thicker than others and this could be interpreted as a sign of quality. However, it is actually a necessity of manufacturing specific profiles and shapes of door.

Furthermore, finish of the door does not change the overall quality from a durability perspective either. Whether its “Supermatt” or “Ultragloss” the doors will stand up to years of usage and regular cleaning is all that is needed to maintain that just fitted look.

Door Edging Options

So, you have chosen a door style and selected a finish but wait you’re not done yet! Some of our kitchen doors have edging options. Invisible when closed, the door edge can reveal a small yet satisfying detail when open. Choose from glass effect or plywood to customise your kitchen and create something unique to you. Or simply have the edge matched to the door surface which is standard across our range.

Final Thoughts

The standard of quality and level of guarantee is consistent across our range of kitchen doors. This leaves you free to make a choice based purely on what you love or what is practical. Think about the age and architecture of your home to guide your choice of kitchen style and decide on a finish by seeing the range for yourself.

Visit our showroom to view the entire selection of doors or book a home appointment and we will bring a selection of doors to you.

Whatever you do work with a designer you trust, this will be your kitchen for years to come so spend some time to get the details right.

About the author 

Keith Leighton

Keith is a veteran of the Kitchen Bedroom and Bathroom Industry. An experienced kitchen designer and former manager Keith is the owner at The Kitchen Makeover Company

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