4 Reasons to Choose a Kitchen Makeover vs a New Installation.


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Are you desperate to change your kitchen but don’t want to break the bank in the process? Are you considering just changing the kitchen doors instead of a full rip out? Renewing your kitchen can seem like a daunting project with seemingly hundreds of decision to make. However, investing the time and resources in a kitchen renovation can be a prudent decision.

A stylish quality kitchen adds significant value to your property. Not to mention the obvious benefits of enjoying an appealing space to entertain and cook culinary masterpieces.

Read on to learn our top 4 reasons to remodel and how a hybrid solution could solve all your problems.

Kitchen Makeovers Save Time

Traditional kitchen installations take weeks and in some cases months to complete. This causes lots of hassle, upheaval and living off takeaways. Whereas, a kitchen makeover can be completed within a few days. 

Although removing the old units does not take very long. The positioning, levelling and securing of the new units is labour intensive and time consuming. 

With most kitchen companies only offering a complete rip out and re-install they are unable to offer a service like we do at The Kitchen Makeover Company. By simply leaving your kitchen cabinets in place you can benefit from a quick turnaround. Even if you want to change the layout, we can discuss this with you at the survey stage and arrange to add or remove kitchen cupboards effortlessly … it’s what we do!

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Planning the fit and ordering all the materials associated with a fit is a time consuming but essential process. However, don’t worry that’s where we come in! You’re in safe hands with our team and the best way to get your project started is to call into the showroom. We have a host of free brochures and if you have some measurements we can give you a rough quote.

Alternatively book a home visit and our designer will bring the samples to you and provide a no hassle, free quotation.

Money Making and Saving

Instructing a professional team to perform a kitchen refurbishment can add significant value to your home. Whether you’re looking to move sooner or later, you want to be reassured that the money you’re parting with will be well worth it.

Updating your kitchen can provide you with a significant long-term investment. When you eventually look to put your property up for sale, a new looking kitchen workspace is one of the biggest selling points prospective buyers look for in a new home.

A professional makeover is more expensive than spraying your kitchen doors. However, you can save on average save up to 50% of the cost when compared to a traditional new kitchen installation.

Therefore, you can literally save thousands and what’s more all of our doors, drawers and panels are bespoke and made-to-measure. We can therefore ensure they fit perfectly to our kitchen space and in most cases, we make them fit better than the originals. 

Reduce Hassle

When you have someone working in your home you want to know you can trust them. Equally you want a professional service delivered as efficiently as possible. We understand this and our aim is to get your home back to normal, complete with a new kitchen, in the shortest time possible.

To achieve this, we directly employ a multi skilled team who will work on your project from start to finish. Contrarily the major kitchen retailers generally use subcontractors. This can result in a lot of different trades coming and going and a longer drawn-out process. Typically, this increases stress and takes the shine off what we feel should be an enjoyable experience!

The Flexible Kitchen Solution

Sometimes a simple makeover isn’t enough, maybe the layout of your kitchen no longer works for you? Perhaps you want to add an island, a bigger freezer, an Aga, more storage space… You get the picture.

You have a lot of good things to work with and it seems silly and wasteful to throw them away, but you also need some new additions to complete your dream kitchen. 

This is where a hybrid solution from a makeover specialist (that’s us 😉) comes in. The larger kitchen retailers don’t normally have the time to work out how to incorporate the best bits of your existing kitchen. After all they rely on selling volumes of the cabinets they manufacture.

This is where we are different! Extending the life of your existing cabinets is a far greener and economical solution. If all it takes is a little extra time to work out what can be retained and what needs changed, then we are determined to find a solution for you.

Moving units, adding new ones, re-using the old ones to make a utility room, it’s what we do.

This flexibility also extends to your taps, sinks and appliances too, if it’s in good condition and you’re happy, we can refit this as part of the service.

Adding extras

Alternatively, if you wish to review the look and functionality of your appliances we can supply and install any new appliance for you. Included in the service is the proper removal, disposal or recycling of the old appliances.

It’s an all-in-one service so you don’t have to worry about delivery, setup and installation from one company and get another to fit your kitchen.

We can also provide lighting, tiling and flooring so you will only have to deal with one company to do it all and as such it’s relatively hassle free.

Final Thoughts

At The Kitchen Makeover Company, we can change the look and feel of your kitchen without the price tag of a brand-new kitchen, saving you time, money and hassle in the process.

Most of our kitchen remodels take around 2-3 days to complete and cost a fraction of a new install. Therefore, they really are a worthwhile investment if you want that new kitchen look without the cost of a completely new installation.

And for those of you who need a little extra work or thought our hybrid kitchen makeovers are the perfect solution.

The first step is to get a kitchen plan and home survey completed. During the survey we will provide free expert advice and show you our extensive range of samples in the comfort of your own home. All you have to do to get the process started is book a free quote.

About the author 

Keith Leighton

Keith is a veteran of the Kitchen Bedroom and Bathroom Industry. An experienced kitchen designer and former manager Keith is the owner at The Kitchen Makeover Company

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