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Kitchen Sinks

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Stainless Steel

Promising longevity, resistance to stains, and effortless maintenance, a stainless steel sink is a time tested solution. Choose from Single, 1.5 or twin bowl sinks with or without drainers. 

Composite Sinks 

Composite sinks where innovation and sophistication converge. Experience the exceptional benefits of composite materials, offering unparalleled durability, resistance to scratches, and a non-porous surface that repels stains.

Belfast Sinks

Welcome to the timeless charm of Belfast sinks – a marriage of tradition and functionality. Revel in the enduring beauty of these classic sinks, meticulously crafted for durability and style. With a deep basin and robust construction, Belfast sinks offer not only an iconic aesthetic but also practicality that stands the test of time. 

Undermount Sinks 

Mounted to the underside of your worktop to provide a modern contemporary look an undermount sink is aesthetically pleasing and practical. Often paired with a drainer etched into the surface these sinks require natural stone worksurfaces and are not compatible with standard laminate worktops. 

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Choosing a new Kitchen Sink

Upgrade your kitchen with the perfect sink. Choosing a new kitchen sink is more than a practical decision, it's a style statement. Let us help you pair it with a matching kitchen tap

Explore our full selection in our showroom, ranging from sleek stainless steel, composites, under mounts and timeless ceramic. 

Kitchen Tap

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