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Kitchen Taps

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Popular Styles 

Our most popular styles of kitchen taps, classic and contemporary styles to suit any kitchen. 

Courbe Tap 

Available in a range of colours this classic shape tap is a timeless choice.

Spirale Tap 

With a detachable head the Spirale adds convenience and class to your kitchen.

Estarre Tap 

Available in a range of colours this sleek yet elegant design adds a focal point to your kitchen.

Cascata Tap 

With distinctive rounded corners the Cascata offers a contemporary feel in a range of 3 colours

Ritarre Tap 

With a knurled outlet the Ritarre adds usable detail along with a timeless look. 

We have many more taps available, visit our showroom to see the complete collection...

Choosing a new Kitchen Tap

Choosing a new kitchen tap is a small change that makes a big impact. Explore our range of taps, offering diverse styles and finishes with matching kitchen sinks.

Elevate your space with a tap that not only complements your kitchens style but also adds convenience to your kitchen routine.

Kitchen Tap

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