Replacing kitchen doors vs spraying, painting or wrapping.


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Given the current trend of spraying or wrapping kitchen doors, you’d be convinced they are more cost effective than buying replacement kitchen doors. You can find lots of companies, from a man with a van, to more professional looking set-ups offering to spray your whole kitchen for what seems like a competitive price. However, as they say ‘the proof is in the pudding’!

Quality, does spraying and wrapping provide a good finish?

The problem is the number of variables involved with wrapping and painting. The existing condition of the doors, the quality of the vinyl/paint used plus the workmanship of the install all have a bearing on the quality and longevity of the finished product. Wrapping and painting on site can be a problem with dust from the jobsite ruining the final finish.

Whereas, when you replace the doors the condition of your old ones is obviously no longer a concern. Additionally, you remove the issues with workmanship because the finished doors are produced in a factory environment and are guaranteed for their quality.

We’re now receiving regular enquiries from disappointed people who’ve spent thousands on a kitchen re-spray or wrapped doors, finding it’s not what they’d hoped for and are looking for a more long-term solution to make their kitchen space look great again.

How long do wrapped kitchen doors last?

Ask anyone who has had their kitchen sprayed or wrapped, even if they are impressed with the initial result, after a period of 18-24 months and they’ll tell you it’s only a short-term fix at best. You see, it’s only a matter of time before the kitchen doors are looking shabby and, in most cases, worse than they did initially.

Replacement doors a more cost-effective option

Although brand new doors are more expensive than spraying and wrapping, they are a better long-term solution. Plus, you have the added benefit of being able to change the style and not just the colour of the doors.

Longevity is the main advantage of replacing the doors with the style of the door likely to go out of fashion before the finish wears.

Replacement doors are far kinder on the bank balance than you might think, especially when compared to the cost of a full new kitchen. It really is worthwhile re-using the existing kitchen cabinets, provided they’re in a good condition of course. Furthermore, it is kinder on the environment.

Many people are pleasantly surprised by not only how economical it can be, but also it's far less disruptive, with many makeover projects being completed in 2 to 3 days.

Increase your kitchens quality and functionality

It’s important to realise that replacing kitchen doors isn’t just for those looking to a do a quick kitchen makeover on a budget. It’s for those looking to upgrade the look and quality of their kitchen, adding a high-end finish, to basic, but practical kitchen carcasses.

A kitchen makeover offers a new designer look without the price tag of a high-end kitchen. With so many options to upgrade the style and look of your kitchen, it’s also an opportunity to review the practical and functional aspects.

Time served joiners carry out our installs and this means if a carcass needs changed or moved this can be incorporated into your job.

Investing in innovative storage solutions can really enhance the usability of your kitchen. Furthermore, a makeover gives the chance to think about how new appliances, such as air fryers/coffee machines, will work in your new look kitchen.

As you can see, a well-thought-out kitchen makeover isn’t simply an opportunity to save money, it’s a clever way of spending your budget in the right places. This is why so many people wish they’d done it years ago.

Final Thoughts

It can be argued that replacing the doors is the more cost-effective, long term quality option and well suited to homeowners planning to stay in their home. If you really need a budget solution and are not as concerned with longevity because you are selling the property then painting or wrapping may be a good option.

To make an informed decision start by getting a free quote on replacement doors.

It’s important when looking to embark on a kitchen makeover project, that you work with a team of time-served professionals. Someone you feel comfortable with and confident they will deliver the look and finish you expect.

This is where we come in (shameless plug) - as a family run, friendly team with over 40 years’ experience in fitting kitchens, we believe we are perfectly positioned to offer the very best advice and support to making your next kitchen look amazing, at a price you can truly afford.

Get in touch now for a free home consultation or, if you’d prefer, a complimentary brochure posting out.

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Keith is a veteran of the Kitchen Bedroom and Bathroom Industry. An experienced kitchen designer and former manager Keith is the owner at The Kitchen Makeover Company

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