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White Kitchens

From gloss whites to off whites and everything in between... 

Do you like this one in the background? it's the Venice in Matt White with copper inrail. 

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Our Shades of White

Our shades of whites are available across the range of door styles and in different levels of finish. The Ultragloss, as the name suggests, is the highest level of sheen. These doors look like they have a layer of glass on top of the colour and are perfect for creating an all white high-end look. 

Next in our line up is the high gloss range, this range tones the reflectiveness down when compared to Ultragloss, but still offers a finish with sheen. Then it's our standard matt finish which has no sheen and instead offers a sophisticated dull finish and a deep colour profile. Lastly our Supermatt range is the least reflective finish and is perfect for a contemporary or period look.

Ultragloss Whites

Gloss & Matt Whites

More light colours

Struggling to find your perfect shade of white in our range? Take a look at our Cream and Grey Kitchens, the lighter tones in these colour ranges are close to a white and may be the perfect choice. If you can't decide between two colours, have both. Our designer will create a two tone colour scheme using your favourite shades.

White Kitchen Styles

Here are some of our of our kitchen styles in our range of white colours. Most of the range of door designs are available in the full range of colours, so if you don't see your favourite style in the perfect shade don't worry. We can make this for you as either a completely new kitchen or a replacement door as part of a kitchen makeover. 

Two Tone White Kitchens

White Kitchen Design Ideas

Whites and off whites are great for kitchens and easy to pair with d├ęcor or allow contrast with statement pieces. As a colour white offers a purity and freshness to the space and is forever fashionable. Opting for a white kitchen also allows you to easily follow other trends by changing accessories. White and copper, white and gold, white and black, it all works. In fact, its quite hard to find an accessory colour scheme that doesn't work in a white kitchen. 

Two Tone Cream Kitchens

White is a great colour to create a two tone kitchen when used in the following formats. If your kitchen has a bank of larder units use white for these and another colour for the kitchen island. If your kitchen design has base and wall units, use white for the wall units. A darker shade on the base units. The darker shade will ground the room and the white high level units will make it feel more spacious while offering more storage.

When creating a two tone kitchen with white, there is no need to match the finish of the doors. A matt and a gloss finish can work together but it is something you should check first. We recommend visiting our showroom where you can try the combinations of doors  side by side. We can also pair the doors with the different worktops to give you a true feel of how the finished scheme will look.

Worktops for White Kitchens

The style of door sets the theme of your kitchen. But, the choice of worktop also has a large influence on the overall style. For example pairing a white door with an Oak worktop would create a warm Scandi vibe. Whereas, the same white units with a white marble top would look opulent and cool. Here is our quick guide on how to pair white kitchens with different worktop colours to create specific styles. Our showroom can recreate any of these styles for you to see first hand which is the best way to choose your combination of door and worktop.

  • Light Stone - Using a light stone such as quartz or marble does not create a lot of contrast against the white doors and provides a canvass for your accessories (handles, sinks, taps and cookers) to stand out. Laminate worktops can create the same canvass for a fraction of the cost, but we would recommend choosing thinner compact laminates over the standard 38mm range. 
  • Dark Stone - Blacks and Dark Greys offer a high contrast against the white doors and create a classic look. Its very easy to lean towards a Victorian style by using white subway tiles. But, if black and white is your thing, why not try a modern take on the classic French look. Dainty handles and detailed accessories are key to completing this chic and sophisticated scheme. 
  • Wood - The tone of the wood dictates the feel of this scheme. Warm oaks and walnuts hark to a Scandi feel when used with slab doors or a country kitchen when paired with shaker style doors. Wood worktops in grey tones, normally from a laminate range of worktop, can look very modern and monochrome and look great in a city centre apartment. 

Styling a White Kitchen

The finishing touches of handles, sinks, taps and accessories such as kettles and toasters really matter. They can complete the theme or completely ruin it, depending on how well you select and match the components. We recommend starting with the larger and more expensive items like sinks and taps and then matching other accessories to those. 


Using gold with both gloss and matt whites can create a very luxurious and palatial looking kitchen. This really works as a colour scheme when the worktop is also a light shade such as white quartz or marble. This pairing creates a white canvass that allows features such as the tap and handles stand out.


Black and White can be a very traditional look, as mentioned earlier its easy to create a period kitchen to match your home by using features such as subway tiles. Recently black has been in fashion for taps and sinks which makes creating this look easier than ever. With an off white kitchen door a wooden worktop and chunky handles you can also create a farmhouse or industrial style kitchen.


The lower left picture in the gallery above shows a stainless tap and sink in a white on white kitchen. In my opinion this is a missed opportunity and although it matches the stove, it may have looked better in copper to match the inrail colour. Alternatively, a black tap would have created a contrast against the worktop while also matching the dark tones in the marble veins on the splashback.

It's very hard to stop stainless steel accessories blending in and creating a bland feeling in your white kitchen. We recommend at least trying some other colours before you fit stainless in your next kitchen.  


White is a great colour when used for Belfast sinks and an off white for decoration should work fine. But, avoid white for features like sinks, handles or taps as it can feel a little bland. Splashbacks also need a bit of thought, white ceramic tiles are now available in marble patterns with veining in most colours. Matching the colour of the vein in the tile with your taps and sinks looks stunning and ties the theme together. Finish the tiles with matching coloured trim to show thought has went in to creating the space. 

If you would like help creating a colour scheme and selecting accessories for your kitchen you can book a free kitchen design consultation with me. 

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