Replacing Kitchen Worktops Q & A


Marble kitchen worktop with chopping board.

Are you looking to transform your kitchen and give it a whole new look? Replacement kitchen worktops can do just that in as little as one day.

If you’re happy with your kitchen cupboard doors or you’ve recently had kitchen doors replaced as part of a kitchen makeover, then it’s easy to upgrade your kitchen look by replacing the kitchen countertops.

Your kitchen benchtops get a lot of wear and tear simply due to their location in your kitchen. Pots, pans, knives and copious splashes and spillages all add up… worksurfaces really do take a hammering over the years.

This can result in the worktops letting the rest of your kitchen down and leave you uncomfortable entertaining guests in your own kitchen.

Even if your tops are in good condition, they may be out of fashion or simply not to your taste. By replacing your tired looking worktops, you can instantly bring your kitchen back to life.

DIY Replacing Kitchen Worktops

If you’re handy around the home you are probably asking yourself “Can I replace kitchen worktops myself ?” If you are comfortable with joinery tasks then you may be able to save a few pounds by cutting out the experts. However, it’s worth bearing in mind, you can only cut worktops once and ruining a new length of worktop is an expensive mistake to make.

Even if you’ve measured them 100% accurately, do you feel confident scribing the back edge to the shape of your wall?

It also takes years of practice to create the perfect worktop join, without the need for a joining strip. A mason’s mitred joint (as it’s called in the trade) can make a worktop connection look almost seamless and give your worktops that perfect finish.

To produce a mitre joint a carpenter will use a router and a jig or template which allows them to cut a male and female interlocking joint. The router is also used to create the cut outs on the underside for the worktops bolts to sit in.

As well as joins and worktop edging, there’s also the need to think about cutting a perfect recess for either a sink or hob. Cutting this hole, which needs to be perfectly square to you front edge, can be a challenge in itself … I feel exhausted myself listing the challenges faced with making worktops look like they should in a showroom, where all the walls are square and there’s loads of room to manoeuvre.

Using a Replacement Worktop Service

So you’ve made the decision to have an expert remove your worktops and replace them with new ones. You want them looking like they were made-to-measure, where their replacements fit perfectly. Like we’ve discussed it’s far quicker, error free and not as expensive as you might think. Saving time, hassle and money it’s a win, win, win to get an expert to do it!

At The Kitchen Makeover Company we make replacing worktops easy. We have literally hundreds of styles and finishes to choose from. Whether you’re looking for laminate, which we have in either 38mm or 22mm or even our new range of 12mm compact laminate. We also have some fabulous quartz worktops and an extensive range of solid wood and granite samples to view in our new purpose-built showroom. 

Regardless of the look or finish you’re looking for we really do have something to suit every taste!

Below are a list of frequently asked questions we hear from many potential customers who are looking to replace kitchen worktops :

Can you remove worktops without damaging tiles?

Yes, we’re on hand to offer the best advice and support when looking to do this and it’s easier than you might think. Our expert team of fitters can carefully remove your existing worktops by unscrewing them from the base cabinets in your kitchen. They then remove the silicone sealant and any worktop joining bolts holding any pieces together. Once the old benchtops are removed, it’s our expert fitter’s job to shape and cut the new ones, to fit perfectly in place. Once fixed, they will then re-silicone and seal up the new benchtops, so they are watertight and ready for the rigours ahead for years to come.

Is it easy to fit worktop upstands or kitchen splashbacks?

Yes, at The Kitchen Makeover Company we have over 40 years’ experience in creating stunning kitchens and as part of a kitchen makeover we will be able to offer you a vast range of worktops upstands and splashbacks as part of the fit.

Can you offer bespoke worktops?

Looking for something unique? We do offer bespoke kitchen worktops, where we can match a vast range of laminate foils to create a really unique look or finish. In our new showroom we have a large sample book to choose from, where we can arrange the manufacture of almost any colour in a wide range of substrates and thicknesses.

Can replacing kitchen worktops add value to my home?

When looking to sell a property, it’s estimated that having a new kitchen will add 5% - 10% to the sale value and in some cases much more. Many see the kitchen as the heart of the home and as such view the kitchen space as the most important room when viewing a property. As kitchen worktops are generally the first thing you view in a kitchen then replacing these will obviously make a great first impression.

Can you replace my kitchen countertops without damaging my cabinets or doors?

It’s important when looking to perform a professional kitchen makeover, that you use an experienced team of local, time served, professionals you can trust. A kitchen refurbishment should be a hassle-free process and it should also cost far less than you think. Finally, the team should take great care whether, simply replacing the worktops or just the doors and drawers. We always take great care when entering a customer’s home and also take our time when fitting to make sure we don’t damage any existing parts for the kitchen, after all we want the finished result to look as amazing as you want it to!

Is it easy to replace laminate with quartz or granite and vice versa?

Our expert team can carefully remove any old kitchen benchtop, regardless of the material and replace as part of our replacement kitchen worktop service. It doesn’t have to be like-for-like material and what’s more we even take all the waste away as part of the service.

About the author 

Keith Leighton

Keith is a veteran of the Kitchen Bedroom and Bathroom Industry. An experienced kitchen designer and former manager Keith is the owner at The Kitchen Makeover Company

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